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Friday, October 16, 2015

My Life in America Since 2011

It was in the year 2009 that we hear rumors that the owners will sell Fil-Estate Group to Mega World, One of the Biggest Real Estate Developer owned by a Chinese Tycoon Andrew Tan. The Transaction was finalized in 2010 and it was sold at PH6.0 Billion

The five Marketing Companies of Fil-Estate Group namely:  Fil-Estate Sale Inc. Fil-Estate Marketing Associate, Fil-Estate Sales Associate Inc., FilEstate Network Inc.-Were i was connected and the mother Company Fil-Estate Realty was left. It was the Fil-Estate Development Company and Fi-Estate Land Holdings were sold to Mega World.

Feb. 2010 I was diagnosed with state 2 cancer on my right kidney. I was March 05,  2010 my right kidney was removed. (I will fully discuss on my next blog what happen and what to do for you to survive when you have cancer. Watch my next blog about cancer.)

After my operation, i talked to my  eldest son Julius who was already a US citizen in Pennsylvania USA that i have decided to migrate to the US of  America because i could no longer see a good future with Fil-Estate being a Marketing Company only. At this point in time, I was thinking of a new strategy on what to do next after my Real Estate Career with Fil-Estate. Facing with my second life after surviving from kidney cancer in 2010.

My second life challenge starts from the time i arrived in Sacramento, California in Sept. 1, 2011,
It will be a different World, different situation, Environment, In short, The Next Phase of my life starts here in California, USA.

I have to set up a new Goal in life! I have to go back with the basics. As the saying goes, "If you don't know were you are going, You'll get lost!"

My Goal are divided into three: 1. Short Term Goal (Immediate Goal,} 2. Intermediate Goal 3. Ultimate Goal

I arrived California using my Multiple entry visa, since i have a multiple entry visa that i used it three times in the US. Two times 1996 and one time in 1997. For me to be about to move freely and compete freely, I need to get my green card. You can not work legally with out a green card.
I was able to obtain a Green Card April of 2012.

From there on, I started to build up my foundation in America. It's hard to start all over again!
But this is of different level of success in my life because migrating alone in the US of America is for me already a success story. For other people it is the end of there story, For me it's the start of a new Phase in a different level of my success.

I need to know the laws in the Country and specially the law of the State, Since all 50 states in the US
have different laws. California is the most strict of all.

I started studying on the Insurance Industry from None life to Life and Health Insurance. I have all the certifications and i filed for a life Insurance License. I believed in the the saying that Knowledge is Power! I even work in the Car Industry for two month at Lexus of Sacramento Dealership. Currently i work with the "24 hours Fitness Sports" as part time for me to build up my network in Sacramento California.

                                                        These are my sports!

                           I have to stay Fit, 5 days a week work out at 24 hours Fitness Sports.

This is my first own car Volkswagen Touareg V8, A very nice Luxury Car!

While working with the 24 hours Fitness Sports, I am currently studying for my Real Estate License.
These are my Intermediate Goals which includes the Petition for my two sons who are still in Manila.

In my first four months in Sacramento, CA. I was Introduced to a Filipina  Nurse (RN) who became my Girl Friend. She places an important role in my life here in the US. Having some one to talk to spells the defference,  (To be continued)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley Return Match April 12.

Return Match between Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley at MGM Grand  Las Vegas, Nevada on  April 12, 2014 

What can say?

Return Match between the undefeated Timothy Bradley and Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao will be back in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 12. If the Pacquiao-Bradley rematch happen, This is no longer the same as the first fight. Manny Pacquiao will not fight the way he fight before he experienced that knock out from Marquez, If i have to choose between the too fighters, I'll still go for Manny Pacquiao. The more chance he can win the fight because this time, He'll be careful, But I don't expect that he will display his sensational fighting style. What i mean is his killers instinct here, rather the "go go" style of Manny.

During there first fight, When Bradley was awarded a split decision victory, I was not convinced. Manny was ahead on my score card on points. When Manny Pacquiao win this match, It would be best that the Mega fight between Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather will push through. That is if Mayweather could not fine a reason for nor accepting the fight! He he he! "He is scared of Manny Pacquiao's ouckward style!

During the Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios fight in Macau, The way I look at it, Although Manny Pacquiao outclasses Brandon Rios, His killers instinct was not there.  It's a bit of a play safe strategy. This is a Psychological effect on the knocked out he suffered from his 4th fight with Marquez. The way I look at it, This is the reason why the Team Pacquiao go for Bradley return match so that Manny Pacquiao can recover fully the lost confidence which is the after effect of  the knock out he suffered from Marquez.

What i noticed during the Brandon Rios fight was, every time he backed Rios into a corner, Manny stepped back instead of going for it, or pushing through for the kill for the knock out.
It was a play safe strategy because he knows that Rios is also a hard puncher, But a flat footed and a standing target. This rematch with Tim Bradley, although Bradley has a good knock out record, It's easy for Manny Pacquiao to win on points as long as it would be a different judges this time.

I still would like  to watch Juan Manuel Marquez vs Manny Pacquiao on their 5th fight. Although their was a knock out, it was just a lucky punch! I'd been watching the fight several times, It was Marquez who was ready to go down when Manny Pacquiao start attacking Marquez for the Kill, But on the last 8 seconds left of the round, Manny was hit by that "Lucky Punch" that put him to sleep.

I call it a "Lucky Punch" because the round was almost over.  ( To be Continued)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Start of Manny Pacquiao's Multi-Million Dollar Income!

The Start of Manny Pacquiao's STARDOM was at the MGM, Las Vegas
The first fight of Manny Pacquaio in USA as he was a substitute was given  two weeks notice to
Challenge the IBF SUPER BANTAM WEIGHT CHAMPION Lehlohonolo Ledwaba. Manny
won via TKO on the 6th round. BEN DELGADO was with him on his Victory at MGM, Las Vegas

  Ben Delgado became 2nd assistant trainer to Freddie Roach!

Ben Delgado at the corner of Manny Pacquiao after knocking down Ledwaba on the 6th round schedule for 12 rounds of the IBF SUPER BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT!

Ben Delgado and Arvin Jugarap, The Gym Manager @ Kennel Boxing Gym @ San Leandro, CA. The Gym where Nonito Donaire and his Brother Glen used to train. (Jan 26, 2013

Ben Delgado and w/ my WFG friends @ my CEO Erich Colet's House in San Jose, Ca

Ben Delgado and me @ Kennel Boxing Gym @ San Leandro, CA. The Gym where Nonito Donaire and his Brother Glen used to train. (Jan 26, 2013) — in San Leandro, CA.

Friday, February 27, 2009


It was April of year 2000, When i arrived from almost a year of stay in the states. I was looking for probable business to augment my deteriorating income in the Real Estate Business after we were badly hit by the Asian Crisis.

My LOVE of the sport BOXING brought me back to the small LM Gym in Paquita St. Sampaloc, Manila, Where i used to be there everyday to watch the training of my boxers from 1990 to 1993. I used to have nine boxers in my stable, training at LM GYM. I was able to developed a light weight Champion in two year time from the day i started managing The "Cadorna Boxing Stable".

One afternoon i visited the LM Gym, and i was looking for the former Trainer of my boxers Mr. Ben Delgado who happens to be my Trainer as an Amature boxer when i was still in Davao City way back 1975 at Davao Boxing Gym in Quirino Ave., Davao City. This Gym was own by Mr. Vic Quiambao.

In a few minutes some of the boxers in LM Gym Called up Manong Ben as i used to call him. He was so glad and so exited to see me again in the Gym! We shook hands and we had a cup of coffee in the canteen and started convincing me to Manage boxers again.
I was a bit cool and relaxed, but what i noticed in his eyes was his interest of working with me again. He whispered to me, I HAVE A GIFT TO YOU! I SAID, WHAT is it? He said, a boxer who is looking for a MANAGER. I ask him, what's his weight division? and he answered He is a mini-fly weight! He is a ten rounder already, he told me. I did not even ask the name yet, I just ask him, can i see him? In few minutes he introduce me a very young slim guy. I said ok, and the boxer went back inside the Gym silently. I commented to Manong Ben that I'm not interested to manage boxers again. Ben told me, Just get this boxer Peter, only one and I'll take care of him. I slowly ask Manong Ben, What's his (the Boxer) name? And he replied, His name is Manny Pacquiao from (Gensan)General Santos City, a City in Minadanao. I commented to Manong Ben, He's too thin for a boxer! I don't have trust in his built!

I did not even give a chance to talk to Manny Pacquiao because i was more interested in talking to Manong Ben. We haven't talked for more than a year. Few months later, Manny Pacquiao was manage by Mr. Polding Corea. This the first Manager of Manny Pacquiao in Manila. In a a year time Manny became a Flyweight World Champion. During the early year of training in Manila, it was Ben Delgado who handle Manny Pacquiao until he fought the World Super Bantam Weight IBF Championship against the Champion Lehlohonolo Ledwaba in the states where he knocked out Lebwaba in the 6th rd., Manong Ben was still with Manny during that fight where they met Freddie Roach. If you watch that fight in youtube you can see Manong Ben At the Corner of Manny together with Freddie Roach. That was Manny Pacquiao's turning point! That was the last time i saw Manong Ben in the fights of Manny Pacquiao. It was Freddie Roach head the training Camp and Boboy Fernandez.

I think, it was his way of thanking me of what i have done good to him in the past.
When i was about to close my Boxing Stable, Ben Delgado got blend! and it was his two eyes! When i saw him with his son Allan and his wife in the appartment i rented for him and the boxers, Ben could really not see. The wife was there who came from Davao City, handed to me Durian fruit since Davao City is famous for Durian. Without Ben asking for help, idecided to sent him to MCU Hospital in Caloocan City for the operation of his two eyes. Manong Ben is like a father to me. After the operation he was able to see again. After that I was out of Country for almost a year until we met again at LM GYM where he introduced Manny to me.

During Manny's fight with Oscar "Tiololo" Larios, a former world champion Mexican fighter in Araneta Collesium, Manny and his entourage checked in at Manila Hotel. Since it was near to my Real Estate Office in Ermita Manila, When i was connected with Moldex Realty, I decided to take my breakfast at Manila hotel in the Hope of talking to Manny Pacquiao so i can offer him some Real Estate Investment. But when i arrived at Manila Hotel, Manny Pacquiao was resting already at his room so with Gerry Pinalosa on the other room. I was able to talk first to Dodie Boy Pinalosa, the elder brother of Gerry and the former World Flyweight Champion also and in a while i was able to talked to Freddie Roach. I introduced myself, i handed it to him my Business Card.

We chat for few minutes, I mentioned about Manong Ben, and Freddie responded that he remember Manong Ben. He told me that, that was the last time he saw Ben Delgado during the first fight of Manny Pacquiao in the States. Since then, he haven't seen Ben Delgado anymore. This was also the first time Ben entered United states of America, and I was so glad seeing him in that fight. From there onward, i haven't seen Ben Delgado anymore...

While watching every fights and the success of the People's Champ Manny Pacquiao, I could not imagine the income he garnered from fights including the income of his Manager and the Trainers! At the start i regret of not giving the chance to manage Manny Pacquiao, But later on, I also realized that he is not for me. On the other hand I told my friends, Manny is Blessed! Jokingly I told them also, He might not be that successful as he is now, if I was the one managing him! HE! He! He!

After his 2nd fight with Eric Morales if I'm mistaken, Manny visited the LM Gym in Paquita St. in Sampaloc Manila with only One Companion, No body Guard at all. It happened that i was also there chatting with some Boxing Trainers who were my friends also. I was about to congratulate him for his Successful fight, But i could not afford to get closer to Manny, I was so Ashamed with him due to what had happen.

Until now, October 13, 2010, as I am editing this blog, I haven't talked to Manny, I don't even think if Manny could Remember me.


Thanks for your time, See you on my next posts, there are more interesting information about boxing management in the Philippines!

Peter E. Cadorna
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Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao's Instinct to Succeed!

In my previous topic, I mentioned my trainer and the trainer of my boxers Ben Delgado who handled the training of Manny Pacquiao in Manila aside from Boboy Fernandez. Ben Delgado was one of those who accompanied Manny for his first fight to the United States for the Super Bantam Weight IBF Championship against the Champion Lehlohonolo Ledwaba.

He was the corner man of Manny during that fight. Manny knocked out Lebwaba during that fight and became a World Super Bantam Weight IBF Champion. That fight was the turning point of Manny Pacquiao to stardum where he is right now! In spite of his big win over Lebwaba, An ordinary boxer would decide to retain Ben Delgado in his camp for his future fights in United States. Instead of retaining Ben Delgado, He choose Freddie Roach to handle his training for what ever reasons. One thing for sure, Ben Delgado is too old to handle Manny Pacquiao.

What i'm trying to drive at here is the way Manny Pacquiao decides for his career. He uses his head not his heart! He is gifted with that type of instinct. Even when choose a Manager, Much more during his fight in the ring. His impact to the crowd even during his early interview by the Media. The Instinct to win the heart of the people when he answers the question of the Media men. This was even developed little by little as he became more famous. It was the frequent interview by the Media that help developed Manny Pacquiao's confidence talking before a crowd.

This was even more intensified when he entered Politics, running for a Government Office as a Congressman in his Home Town. He failed on his first attempt. Just like his boxing career, he was knocked out during his early and mid career and yet became the Pound for Pound Best boxer in the World! A highly celebrated Stardum in his boxing career. The rug to riches story of Manny Pacquaio inspire a lot of people not only boxers but to all boxing fans in the entire World!

He opens new hope to those who just started their boxing career, not only in the Philippines, but in the whole world! Manny Pacquiao is a good Model to all who are involved in sports. Due to his instinct to succeed, His self discipline is built in, specially from the time he is on training and the time he fights in the ring.

More about Manny on my next topic.

Peter E. Cadorna